surfEXPLORE Sierra Leone

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surfEXPLORE Sierra Leone

surfEXPLORE Sierra Leone

In association with battleface travel and medical insurance, the surfEXPLORE group has completed a successful project in the West African nation of Sierra Leone, finding good waves on the mainland and in the Turtle Islands. Distribution of editorial materials to commence soon, a two-minute video clip from the project can be seen at the link below.

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    • Derek Weith
    • 25/06/2014

    needing more info on Sierra Leone, season for waves and getting there !
    most importantly any mosquitoes anywhere and is camping only the way to accommodate your self.

    • Derek – ok, good.

      There is actually more swell in the rainy season June to August, but it can rain and rain for weeks and there are more mosquitos also. Best bet is the April – May window for the end of the dry season and good early-season swell from the south Atlantic.

      Plenty of places to stay on the Freetown Peninsula in Sussex, River Number 2, Tokeh, ect.

      Airline options include GambiaBird from London Gatwick, Bruxelles Airlines from Belgium and Royal Air Maroc via Casablanca.

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