Sam Bleakley

DOB:        23/10/1978Untitled-12
From:       Cornwall, UK
Lives:       Cornwall, UK
Languages: English
MAG Geography
PhD surf Travel Writing

surfEXPLORE Contribution
# if of expeditions:       29
# published articles:   164
# published photos:    820

Sam is a founding member of surfEXPLORE, travel writer, academic, author, presenter and Senior Lecturer in Cultural Tourism Management at Falmouth University. He has won multiple European and British Longboard Championships and competed at the annual World Longboard Championships since 1998. Sam has been a regular contributor to over 20 international surf and travel publications,
both as writer and featured surfer, since 1996. He has written andlor appeared in over 70 difierent publications intemationally with articles translated in to 11 different languages in surf, travel, adventure and newspaper publications. He has also featured in over 20 action sport DVD’s and documentaries and appeared in television programmes about surfing and travel on BBC, Channel 4 (UK) and ITV (UK) and presented 4 surf travel documentaries in Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados and Career Highlights:

  • 1999 – 2003 – 3 x European Longboard Champion.
  • 2001 – BA (later MA) Geography University of Cambridge.
  • 2003 – First surfExPLORE trip with JS Callahan to Indonesia.
  • 2010 – first authored book, Surfing Brilliant Comers 2012 – second book, Surfing Tropical Beats, become the first surf travel book translated into simplified Mandarin Chinese, published by the Hainan Publishing House.


  • Editor – The Surfing Tribe: A history of Surfing in Britain, 2009.
  • Author – Surfing Brilliant Corners, 2009.
  • Author – Surfing Tropical Beats Mandarin Chinese version, 2011.
  • Author – Surfing Tropical Beats, 2011.
  • Pending Author – The Longboard Travel Guide: A Guide to the World’s 100 Best Longboard Waves, 2013.
  • Pending Author 2014 Longboard, The writers Practice.
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