Emiliano Cataldi

DOB:     23/01/1976Untitled-2
From:    Rome, Italy
Lives:     Byron Bay, Australia
Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and basic Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesia.

surfEXPLORE Contribution
# of expeditionsz:        28
# I published articles:  58
# published photos:     337

Emiliano is a founding member of surfExPLORE and sponsored surfer. He has been a regular contributor to over 20 international surf and travel publications both as writer and photographer since 1997. He is the Assistant Editor, Staff Writer and Staff Photographer for SurfNews Magazine (ITA) and previously worked as surf and travel consultant for Sipping Jetstreams Media. He has directed two surf documentaries, Statale 106 (2008) and Mayumba (2011) and has featured in over 50 international publications in 11 different languages.

Career Highlights:

  • 2004 – First surfExPLORE trip with John Seaton Callahan to Indonesia.
  • 2006 – First double page spread picture published in the prestigious The Surfer’s Journal (vol.15 nº3), an image soon to become iconic of Indonesian surf travel and published 15+ times over in international books and magazines.
  • 2010 – Invited (as part of the surfExPLORE team) by the Chinese Government and U1st management to research and document the surfing potential of the east coast of Hainan island leading up to the implementation of The wanning International Surfing Festival. Following the surfEXPLORE’s hugely successful missions to Hainan, the island now hosts two ASP-sanctioned world Tour events and one ISA-sanctioned event yearly and has become the epicenter of surfing in China and a popular surfing hotspot in South East Asia.
  • 2011 – Director of surfExPLoRE’s seminal surf documentary Mayumba, filmed in Gabon and screened at Surf Film Festivals in Europe (premiered at the San Sebastian Surf Film Festival in Spain) and the USA.
  • 2011 – Featured in The Surfer’s Journal (voL20 nº5) surfExPLoRE retrospective “The Intemationalists” by Kimball Taylor.
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